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tv   News 5 Today at 5AM  NBC  January 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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the fire staed shortly aer 10- 30 yesterday morning. fi cws say a ltle more thann acre was burned, but they were able to get itnder corol and containeiness than 20 minutes. no hom or ildingre daged in this fire... and no evacuationwereut in ple, but a arby preschoolade decision to self-ecuate, to be safe. just hours later theecond s fire on the westside sparked around four in the afrnoon the 24-hundred block of launcelot court 's jusa feblocway om where the figrassfire stted. amesid sead ace and dad one homeefore firefiters were able tknock it down... about 20 minutes after it was reported. bo fires are still under investigation. we'll stay otoof this story and bring you thlastpdat on air andnline at ka dot com. leaders... at us... are working to raise money... for a sclahiamed after slain c-s pocefficergarret swasey".
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in the sotingst aned parenthood. stays after officer swasey wakilled, the ndisg topped 20-thoundollars, 's n or 56hoand. ndraiserha set goal -- getng t endowmento 100-thousand dolla by the end of the year. they want the scholahito be consered rust an gnificant. " to encourage people toever forget what garrets sacrifice was d who garett was as person reay is important to univty. the iversity is still meeting with offic swasey's family... to determine the solarship would to just one area of study, more. unit five of the drake powerplantn downto colado spring.. wi be decommissioned by the end next year.. and a ilty rate cuis in th works focustomers. yesterday e lora sings utilities board vod on it. it'sarofhe ongoing plan have 20-percentenewable ergy by 2020,..andully
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city council will consider a pros, approvy e utilities board,.. to cutlectric ras early ve percent for t average customer, and natural gas by more than 14- peent. utilities says the ve to decommissi unit at drake, ll also saveepayermo er the lg ha. he decomissioning of drake 5 sas rate payer$2 million net prest valuoverheext 10 year over cverting it tnatural gas." city cil signs off the rate cuts,.. they would take effect febary first. they will vote at their january 26th meeting another local repuli caidate from el paso couy is "vying" fothe u-s senate. county commissioner "peg littleton" annoued yesterday that she's eering thrace.. to unst moatic senator chael bennet.. joinan already cro field ofepublins... inhe race. so 11 republican candidates have thrown their
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fellow county commissioner yl glenn.. businessn robert blaha and arlie ehlers. while 11 mightlike a t... cal g-o-p aders say they see as an opportunity. "theoter.. ve aremeouresponsibitytoake goodhoic but i think 'rgoing to he a goodet of choices to make d whomever we pick is going toe a formidable candidate." we reached out to michael bennet's campaign and the colorado democratic party.. in a statement, party leadership says... whilthe 11 cdidates duke it out he most crowded d divisive primary... bennet will contue twork across party lines to take on washinon dysfunction and get things done for colorado. ty officials in security are defe theity's water suly... ter concerns from residents that chemicals were detected iit. last night- the water and
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coy to d concern er a rect study fr the "e-p-a" showing that water in security-widefie andountai contai iustriachemicals, known as "f-a' even thougthose cies pant he mef e hieslevels ithe untry... ci officialsay it's ill "far below" e danger level th"e-a it be "removed" om water at "treatment plants"r with "activated cfilters." l three water discicts stress that customers shld "not" be worried about the quity of their water..aying s ill "safe nk." at this me there's aolutely no danger the heah- to water, drinkinwater, i've been living here for 49 yrs and i'm drinki water every day... o watewells,onnected to thcontaminates in security, have been swn... "but", residents in th will have water... because most of it comes from the pueblo reservoir. next week.... the e-p-a will meet with securiater officials t diuss ways tfix the e.
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meteologist stepn bowers is here nowith first alert 5. we can have so snowflakes y this morning, but theybe few. e most favreas fnow ll be northern el paso county and tellerounty. even in those areas, snow will not be a so snow imal, but itan slow the driver the wind. w pressure ming eaward acss northern new mexico and gh pressure over wyoming will work to funn a gusty east-to-west wind right along e i-25 corridor. th is especially true this morning, when the wind will be bling the -25 h rae with higher gusts. wi will begin easingfter 2 pm. the east-twest upslope can make us mo humidtoo. that means t air may feel a little more icy an norma an alsmake our 20s this moing el morlike tns at time any ttle b of we t will be short-lived and confin to early thimorning. the wind rampsp and keeps some clouds around, but the aernoon
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temperates will warm from the s this mningoward the middle and upper 30s b10 am. noon looks okay th temperatures warmingoward 40 in colorado springs withid- 40s around pueblo and caon city. most areas will manage 40s with 30s inhe high spotthrough 2-3 pm before cooling ba int
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today. an organizion is showing their pport r our servicemennd women... by giving back to local military families. employees from "400 boston scientific" will give away 80
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scientific" ll give away 80 bicyclest they built... to dozens of families! the bikes will bprted this afternn 20 at the oain hall-b. the organization says this is how they're showing appreciation for the crifice military families make everyday. and we just can't get enoughf these cute babies born in pueblo into bronco mania! ahead of sunday's big game... someew borns at int mary corwin's medical center ar sporting blue and orange! several infants were decked out in festive hats and onsieso show their pport for colorado's te! the hats were handmade overnight by a mother ofne oe premature babies. all thfamilies get to ep the outfits a gt from the hospital! an organizatiowos to make thin easr for thsands of wounded veterans how ey're helpinvets throu one of the most diuclt
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in tay'sour healthy family... over 40-thousand american servicemen and women have rerned home from war wounded.. e ornizaon is working to help these veters as they face the difficult challenge of recovery. "jan zappala" reports... --- pkg --- sot: maggie ckrie, rebuilding america's warriors "is to prevent the wounds of theiraq and afghanistan wars from rmanently disfiguring young lis" forr aiorce nurse corps veteran magg lkridge has made it her mission to help our wounded wa sot: maggie lockridge, rebuilding america warriors "i not talking scrapes and bruises talking major major injurieses asas..lockridge' band was in plasc surgery,hich she feels can help traform theives o recely woued aisred tiveervice and veteran atus warriors. sot: maggie lockridge, rebuilding america waiors "i feel so strongly that it will
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u el better out yourself emotionally, maybe you'll deal th your problems a little re effectively." enhe fir started 2007.lockridgead thiy number nowasro to arly four huned boardertified physicians acrose country l heing changlive sot: maggie lockridge, ilding america's warriors "plastic, cosmetic orthpoec, every type of surgeoyou can imagine and de lockdge founatany ve were coming back andriencing severe tooth pa, and deca..this kind of transformati i changing lives sot:e lockdge, rebuding america's warrio "this after he has his new teh... oby he had total extraction st year alon raw provided over fouhundred ten procedures...and some forty mouth restorations... t th chatable fodaon needs ongoing support... grants, and donations help... but ndraisers can really make the difference. sot: mgie loridge, rebuilding ameri's rriors "let's do five huned predes next year" also lending his support is former baball great ron fairly.. sot: r fairly, srter "raw picks up where the va and
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thinwe can ever do enough fo our rriors ner" weather and trfic on thes. meteorologist stephen bowers is here nowitfirst t 5. we can have some snowflakes fly few. the most favoredreas fornow will be northern el paso county and tellounty. even in those areanow will not be abundant. so snow is minimal, but it can slow the drive over monument hill this morning. the other factor today will be the wind. low pressure movg eastward across northern new mexico and high pressure over wyo wil work to funnel gusty ea-to-west wind ght along the 25 corrir. thats especily true th rning, when e wind will owing in the 15-25 mph range with higher gusts. wind wilbegin easing after 2 pm. theast-to-west upslope can make us re humid, o. that means the air mayeel a little more icy than normal. it can also make o 20s this morning feel morlike teens at times. any little bit of snow we get wille short-lived anconfined to ear this moing. thwind rampsp ankeeps some clouds around, but thefternoon will become gradually more nny. temperatures will wa from the 20s this morning toward the
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on looks okawith tempatures waroward 40 in colorado springs with mid 40s arndand caon city. most areas will manage 40s with 30s in the high spots through 2-3 pm before coing back into the 30s 5 pm.
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stahead in your consum watch... a warng foresidents in utrn colorado... whthe better businesis ioning consumers abooor to door magazine subscriptions...
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welcome back... in this morng's nsumer tch... bad news for the sck market! a dramatic drop sh it down to i lowest level in nearly two years yesterday!
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was downthan 500 ints at poinduring the day. the plunge was tied to a steep drop in crude oil prices, which sa seven pcent. the price of u-s crude dropped below dolrs a barrel... ich is the lowest price since may 2003. tring hours for today start again in 2 hours. on thether hd... there's good news for the toy indust! 2015 proved to be the comeck year for toys. the industry had an incredible year.. delivering most robust growthigures in mohan a cade! this is cording to n data released by the n-p-d oup... whh finds u-toy sales jumped arly 7centast yearo $19.4 billn.... with help from toys like sr wa "bb-8 droid" and teenage mutant nja turtles acon fures. toys inspired by movies even outperformed thearket!. growing by nearlnine and a half percent. toda.. a waing r everyoneere in southern colorado.
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cautioning consumers abo bu magazes from a lo ganizaon after investigation... the bbb says more than 120 mpints have been filed against "young peoe working l-l-c"... theye known for going door to doorling magainze subsiptions. the bbb says complaints range fruys not being able to get refunds... to products taking a lontime to be delivered.. or not divered at all. the bbb ys the organatiois not accredited. weather and traffic onhe 5s. meteorologist stephen bowers is here n with first alert 5. we c have some snowflakes fly is morning, but they will few. the favored areas for snow will be northern el paso couy and teller couy. en in those area snow ll not be andant. so snow is minimal, but it can slow the dve over monument hill this morning. the other faor t will be the wind. low re moving eastward acss northern new mexicond high pssure over wyoming will work to funnel a gusty st-to-west wind right along the i-25 corridor. at ipecially true this
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blowing in the 1 mange with higher gusts. windill gin eang aer 2 pm. the east-to-west upslope can makes re hum, too. at means the air may feel a little more icy than normal. it can ao make our 20shis moing feel more li teens at tis. any lile bit of snow we get will be sht-lid and confined toarlyhimorning. e wind ramps up and keeps some clds aroun but theernoon wiece gradllmore sunny. temperures wilwarmrom ths this morng toward the middle and upper 30sy 10m. noon loo okay with mpaturesming toward in corado springs with mid- 40s ound pblancaon ty. most areas will manage 40s with 30s in the hsps throug 2-3 pm before oling back into e 30s by 5 pm. firsupt 5-30... right now an invtition is underway..
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first up at 5-30... righnow an investigation is underway... aftetwgrasfires sparked wiin hours of each other,... le than a milepart in colorado springs... news 5's joaa wise joins us lirom 19th street near uintah... with more on what investigators are saying. joanna... good morning...
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whether the two grass fires are related. but the colorado springs fire department says they believe aris involved in the first grassfire that started right here o19th street. the fi starthortly after 10- 30 yesterdayorning. fire crews say a little more than an acre was burned,ut theyere able to get it under control and c'ntained in less than 20 minutes. no homes oildings were damaged in this re... and no evacuations were put in place, b a nrby preschl made the decision toelf-evacuate, to be safe. just hours later-- the second grasfire on the westde sparked around four in the afrnoon in the 24-hure ock of launcel court. 's just a few blocks away om whe the first grassfir starte ames d spread a fence and damaged one home before refighters werable to k dow.. about 20 minutes after it was reported bo fir areti uer
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we'll stay otop ofhis sty and bring you the latest updates on air and oine at koaa t co thanks joanna... here in southern corado the family of a missinmarine continueto holon to hope nearly a week after their loved onsappeared in a military hecoerrash off the coast ofawaii. last nig -- dozens ghered in fountain for aandl vigil for sergeantjeffrey sempler".. just 22 years oland lost at sea... tharch fim -11 of s comrades has been called off... and the community is coming gether to support his family. "ts is community. this is what iabout. is is what the legion fami is all about." "is great to know that you a care so much and i just can' thk you enough." on saturda.. a aghei dinner fdrai will be he at erican legion post 38 in fountain at 7 p-m. procee will go directly to the family to lp cover any costs they. 34 year old thomas goulee goo-lee enormally arged. wig to kill an officer... he's accused of shting a
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ce during puuit... goulee appead in court yesterday... and being held on a million dollarbond,. and faces multiple counts, includg attempted first degree murder of a police officer, attempted bulary, assault, motor vehie theft,..and possession of a weapon by a previous oender. as we' been reporting... "guolee" reportedly fired shot at police last mth after tryingo break into a home. hel be back in court for a eliminary hearin ail. this morng... a truck driver, facing multipleharges... acsed crashininto two ids in pueblo st night which caused brief shutdowof intete. itappened atighway0 east anthe abendo exits. police says the mi driver was heading southbound on i- 25.. when the backhoe he was carrying hit the brid at highway 50. they saye stopped to check his load.. then kept going... and proceeded to hithe riendo bridge. officers say they re finally able to catch up and stop him ound indiana avenue. he's being charg witboth
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the driv that blew thrgh a stop sign ansmahed into an ambulance colorado spring.. facing chars. th hapd last night athe intersection oeast uintah and institute. police say -- e driver "rvin brown" crashed into the ambulance... that had i sirens and lights on. pushing it onto it de... and sendine-m-t's to the spitalith minor injuries. they were treated and releed. own s taken to the hospital-- and was arrested for driving unthe influence. today... the woman accused of stabbing denver'sire chief will appear in court. as we told you yesteay... police say 4year-old marlene saysa-vi jumped into the cheif's car... stabbing him in the hand and leg. e's being held on investigation firstegree assault. chieeric tade islrdy back to work... we're told he will ma fullrecovery police say thiwas a tolly random act of violence. me now f weather and traffic on the 5s.
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we c have some snolakes fly this morning, but they will be few. the most favored areas for snow will be northern el paso couy and teller cnty. even in those ars, sw will not be abundant. so snow is minimal, but it can slow the dri over monument hill this morning. the othefactay will be thwind. low pressure moving eastward across northern new mexico and high pressure over wyoming will work to funnel a gusty east-to-west wind right along the i-25 corridor. at iespecially true this morning, wn the wind will be blowing in the 15-25 mph range th higher gusts. wind will begin easing after 2 pm. the east-to-west upslope c make us more humid, too. at means the air may feel a little moricy than normal. it canlso ma our 20s this
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lorado lottery playe are helping with some much needed provements at lake pblo state park. a 10-millionollar projecis undeay to re-pave the roads d trailshe. it's being fdeby the colorado lottery, colorado rings utities through the southernelivery system project, and the federal government. expected to last io june, the project has slowed traffic on juniper road ahut down public accesto therail-- which freq users say is disappointing. but... they still have access to all th trails, whichill al be improve down road -- after the pa finishes up a n resource manent plan. only li about three miles away, it's nice to come out
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wildlife fewer people are impacted this time of year -- and park officials hope to ust t do when the busy seasonicks o on memori day. the meantime,f yoe juniper road ttraveletween e city andueblo wethey suggest you find an alternate rout time :12 outq:"...news5- the w year means it's time to on again, honor teachers who have gone above and beyond in helping our chilen grow and learn. and we are pased to name "ksi rebitski", second grade teacher at "odyssey elementary school" in district 49 as the januarnews five "tchers first" award winner. her studentsere overjoyed to
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teac has been singled out for "excellence!" so from all of us anews-5... congtulations! if youould like to ninate your forite teacher, jt t ad to our website, koaa-dotom,.under th "teacher's fst" tab. ill ahead... the driver involved int deadly crash on the las vegas strip. isinmore trouble... the w charges added to her li. and a snowboarder may be facing legal trouble after triggeringn avalanche...
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our nderkebrea sandwich... with all white breast meat and no artificial prervatives, it hard to resist. even for us.
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how am i sposed to quality control i can't eat the produ? you work in accounting.
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lcome back. today... a former oklahoma city police officer convicted of sexual assault will be formay senten
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last mon on 18counts of pe and sexualault agast 1 african amer women while he was on-duty. a jury has rommended a senten totaling 263 years. today a judgwill ao rule on a fense motion for a new trial. holtzclaw's attorneys sahe was deed a fair trial cause of delirate discovery violaons and misrresenttions. thwoman accuseofriving thugh a crd of people on the las vegas strip -- is cing more charges... 24-year d "lakeia hollay" apared in court yesterday... where she learned of 71 new counts against her.... harm -- regarding existing victim lloway's accused of killing one woman aninjuring more than 3 dozen others in last month's crash. her attorns y shplans to pld t gutyhe's dueac in courtext month. pop icon "cher" is jumping in to helphe water crisis in flint michigan. she donad more than 181-thousand bottles of water
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arrived yesterday... d will go to communi nters, food bas and fire houses. it will focus on l ince usinars. we've bn reporting... since the city swihed their watesupply to save money... exemely hi levelof lead d other contaminants have been dected ithe water. in this morning's election watch... republican presidentia candidate "jeb bush" is using his mily ties to appl to voters spking to a crowd in new hampshe la night... bush said that having a father and brother who were former presiden -- gives him an advantage over other candidates. i've kind ofad a front row atatching this. kind of a uniq seat. i don't ow. i an, there's no elsrunn for president whs had a brother that was psident, a dad th wasresident and i've seen how it's done the right way and i've seen how it's done the ong way and i think i could do this job bush also had annteresting answer aboutho he would choose as a running mate..,
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that sheld definitely qualified. he may be onof the most important leaders in the world... but that doesn't mn he can avoid wint traffic troubles! last night due to bad ather... present obama's motorcade go caught in major congestion while on the way back to t white house from joi basandrews. affiis normally clead out for e presidt... buthat could n be done on snowyight in d-c. so dvehanormally tak 25inutes. took about an hour and ten minutes. and even rightow in d-.. drers are still uck the s lasni and more of that messy weather expected to slam the st coast this weend,. right now... thousands are preparg for the big storm... stocking up fooand supplies. as crews are preparingtree ahead of time for the snow. the stro winter blast is predicted to bring heavy snow acro more than 14 states acss theortheast... with danro bliard coitions developing ov parts of ltimore and shington d-c.
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on the 5s. meteorologt stepn bors is here n with first alert 5. we can he some snowflakes fly this morning, t theyill be w. the most favored areas for snow will be rthern el pa county and teller county. evenn those areas, snowill not be abundant. snow is minimal, buit slow the drivever monument hill th morning. the other factor today will be the wind. low pressure moving eastward across norern w mexico and high pressure over wyoming will work tfunn a gusty east-twest wind rit along the i-25 corridor. that is especially true this mornin when the winll bowing the 15-25 mprange with higr sts. wind wl begin easing after the east-to-west ulope can make umoreumid, too. that means the air may feel a little more icy th normal. it can also make our 20s ts morning feel more like teens at times. any ttle bit of snow we get wille short-liveand confin to early this morning. the wind ramps up and eps some clouds around, but the afternoon
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teeratures will warm from the 20s this morning toward the mile and upper by 10 . on looks okay with mperatures wmingoward 40 in colorado springs with mid- 40s aroundueblo and can city. most areas will manage 4 with 30s theigh spots through 3 pm before coolinback into
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thow boarder ithis video that tggered an avalanche uld facing criminal crges. he was at the gar bowlt in california...
5:36 am
wn the ste runausinghe caadof sno e snboarder isccused of crsi inta very acte avanche ar which w closed to the plic. the resortays he put himse, s friends, skiatl d e blic a. before we go to break... we have to shoyou these adorable babotters that were rescued from a home in florida! the three tiny and helpless otteere discovered near drive-way by crews dng construction their mother was no where be found... so they we taken to a wildfe spital where they're being treated. the aff says these first few months of their lives are very high risk. still ead... ad disasall caught tape... the miracle ter th roll ov
5:37 am
welcomck... take aat this am cam video... and we want to ben by saying the man is ive... washe pngerthis truck... u see barrel rollicross e hi en hs thrown higin t ai.. th alllayed t inrazil. agai
5:38 am
openindow... and if youan believe i.. he survid! it'report the man on suffed fr sever en! russontinuesrikes syri ys ahead of the hoped eace talk thssian defense minist says -- since the airstrikes started... syrian government forcese retaken about 250 villag and towns fromxtsts. which is alling some syrian residents to move back into their towns and eihome ssn walanes havelown over 57-hundred missions in the past four months. threpeople in florida and two in illinois -- nowave the zika vi o cases in hawaii and texas were repd rlier this mont the u-s center for disease corol and prevention is warning pregnt women to avoid travel to 14 countries... including colombia and terrories the cibbean lan amera.the ase preadi m ray in bl and colombia tary pnnel iose countries armigaties for mosquitos prevent t
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stay... after she gave bir to heba in a car b ifreezing temperatrures stards away heican italian lice hped e 35- gi... d calledbulance. e of porancis' charity officeater vis the woman inhe hospil and offered her churwned artment. we're told the woman has not yetdecideher to pt the. ta a look at ts... in spain... nsf catholics gathered in the streets to throw vegetables at the devil! it's an annual event.. stemmingm lol folk-lore that targetse devil as a cattle thief! yesterday... hoards of villagers owed up to thw turnips another produce at residents chosen to dress up in fiberglass arm... a colorful suit anhorned
5:40 am
someinthsaps were thrown thiar. one bakery imexico... is ting advantage of allhe frenzy surroug the cent re- caurrug lord "el cha".eye making "el chapo" cupcakes.. feating the drug-king pin wearing a dirty t-shirt just like the one he was wearing when he w recaptured by mexican authorities earlier on! cf in charge says the reacon to s cupcakes on social med has been shocking! now for weath and traffic on the 5s. meologishen bowe is here now with first aler5.
5:41 am
this morning, but th wilbe few. the freas sw will be northern epa county and tell county. even in those areas, snow will not be abundan so snow is minimal, but it can slow t dri ovemonument ll thimog. the othefactor today will the nd. low presre ming eaward ross northern new mexicond highressure over wyoming w work to funnel a gusty east-to-st wind rit along the i-25 cridor. thatespeciallythis moin when the wind will be owg in the 15-25 mph range thigher gusts. wind wl begin easing after 2 pm. the easto-we upslope can ma us more humid, too. that means the air may feel a little more l. it can also makeur 20s thi mog feel more like teens at mes.y little bit of sn will be short-lived d coined to early this morning. the wind ramps up and keeps some ouds around, but the aernoon will become gradually more nny. tempures wwarm fthe 20s this morni toward th middle andpper 30s by am. noon looks okawith temperatures warming toward 40 in colorado springs with mid- 40s arou pueblo and cao city. mo areas will manage 40s with 30s in the high ots throug 2-3 pm before oling back into
5:42 am
plus... honong the legacof a local hero.. ave detailon fundraise for a new scholarship named r the c-s cer
5:43 am
parenthood shoing. nd outow clo organizers are reaching their goal. and how you can help.. temperates a in the 20s this morning. a sml feof us n see me briefnow this morning buthey dayill beco sunny. highs willin the 4 a look ahead through the wkend cing up in ather & traffic he morning, thanks for joining us on this thursday. jaary 21st i'm annie snin for shellene rell. and i'm onin. rst up at 00... this mning an vestn is underway... after two grass sparked within hou of each other... lesshan a mile apart in lorado spris... ws 5'soanna wise jns u liverom 19th strt ne uiah... with saying. joanna... good morning...
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whether e twgrass fires are
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